About Us: Centro Andaluz de Enseñanza Aeronautica. CAENA.

Faasa Group has always considered necessary the development of training activities, not only to increase our professionals´ knowledge but also to offer an opportunity to those students who want to be trained in the aeronautical sector.

Under the brand CAENA (Andalusian Aeronautical Training Center), located in Aeródromo Sebastián Almagro in Palma del Río, Córdoba, Faasa group started offering training services in 1999.

This aeronautical training, unique in Andalusia, is guaranteed by more than 40 years of experience, especially in the operation and maintenance of planes and helicopters.

Our training service is divided in two groups: Pilots Training Center and Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Training Center. We offer training for those free lances who want to obtain one of the four subcategories of licenses: B1.1 Turbine Aircrafts, B1.2 Piston Aircrafts, B1.3 Turbine Helicopters, B1.4 Piston Helicopters.

The Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training Center has the certificate 147 issued by EASA. We are also Examination Center.


Our Pilot Training Center is authorized and recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority (EASA) as a FTO (Flight Training Organization), with license number E - FTO 32, and also as TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization), under license E - 008 TRTO H.

Nowadays, more than 400 students have been trained in our schools.





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