Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Training Centre.



The building, exclusively dedicated to technicians training, has more than 800m2. It has avionics and multimedia room and language laboratory.

At the moment, 56 students are being trained in our school, 28 in the first year and 28 in the second.


The approximate duration of the course is 2.900 hours. The 40% are practical lessons carried out in our own facilities and in EADS CASA, in Seville.

Upon completion of the program, students will obtain two qualifications, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, under part 66, recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority, EASA, and Aero-Mechanic Maintenance High Certificate from the Regional Ministry of Education.

This course, carried out according to what is established by EASA, is 100% subsidized by the Andalusian Ministry of Education. Once the course is finished, you can work in all the countries of the European Union.

Besides, we offer training for those free lances who want to obtain one of the four subcategories of licenses: B1.1 Turbine Aircrafts, B1.2 Piston Aircrafts, B1.3 Turbine Helicopters, B1.4 Piston Helicopters.

The Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training Center has the certificate 147 issued by EASA. We are also Examination Center.

Training Offer

•  Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior en Mantenimiento Aeromecanico (Titulo Oficial otorgado por la Consejería de Educación).

•  Centro Examinador para la obtención de la Licencia de Mantenimiento Aeronáutico (LMA).




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